2014 Holiday Gift Guide for HSPs


I hate the holidays.

I hate how Christmas decorations show up before Halloween and Jingle Bell Rock can be heard on November 1st. And what is the deal with the Starbucks red cups anyway? I just don’t get why it’s “a thing”.

But I’m not entirely anti-holiday.

I love gingerbread. And cozy sweaters. Also: presents. Both giving and receiving.

I also really enjoy reading all of the lists of gift ideas (Sew Mama Sew has a fun one every year called Handmade Holidays). I almost never buy things (or make things) from the lists I read, but they inspire me to think outside of my particular box.

So I thought I’d write my own (short) list of gift ideas for the highly sensitive people in your life.

Before I share my list, here are a few things to look for when shopping for an HSP:

  • Comfort is king. Itchy, hard, pressure points, and awkward fit aren’t fun for anyone, but for an HSP can be downright torturous. So think soft and cozy.
  • Go for nurturing. Look for things that will make your HSP feel wrapped up in a warm cocoon.
  • Less is more. For some people more is more (and I’m sure for some HSPs more is more too), but generally, more can feel overstimulating. A few thoughtful gifts that make an HSP feel seen and loved is better than a mountain of random shiny stuff.

And now here is a short list of gift ideas for the HSP in your life (maybe that’s you!)…

Noise canceling headphones (like the Bose QuietComfort 25) are at the top of my own wish list because they create a perfect silent bubble which for an HSP can be heavenly.

I tried these headphones on at Target last week and it was all I could do not to buy them right then (granted, the price helps curb the impulse purchase urges). I was impressed with how comfortably these fit and how completely it canceled the typical Target noises.


A cozy scarf (like the one pictured from Everlane). Itchy neck wraps need not apply.

il_570xN.617417755_mqb1A fun mug for her favorite tea. I love mugs. Pretty ones, funny ones, big ones. And there is something uniquely comforting to have tea in your new favorite mug.

A Kindle Paperwhite with an awesome cover. I was skeptical about the Kindle for a while because I really love a physical book. The smell of the paper, the feel of it in my hands. I love libraries and bookstores. A digital replacement seemed like a sacrilege.

But then my husband bought me a Kindle a few years ago and I slowly started using it. I’m on my 3rd Kindle now and while I still love the feel of paper in my hands, I’m a total convert. And having the right case for your Kindle can make a big difference (I love the ones that look like book covers).

Easing into the-2And last but not least, give yourself (or another HSP) a little ease this holiday season. I’m really excited to share this with you.

Easing into the Season is a daily pause from holidays-as-usual to help you create space for your highly sensitive self, and build in the self-soothing support structures you need at a time when the world is covered in crinkly paper and powdered sugar.

It runs from November 24 through January 2, and costs $30. Read more about it here.

Photo Credit: “pretty parcels” by Shimelle Laine on flickr.

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