What if this is it?

2015-04-17 08.25.31Today I woke up exactly 12 minutes before my 7am workout class. I was tired and wanted to go back to sleep, but made myself do it anyway. Not because I have anything to prove and not because I was excited to go.

I got up and rushed out of the house to make it just in time to catch the first exercise because this is it. This is my life.

I go to a workout class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7am. I come home afterward and eat breakfast, feed the cats, read emails, kiss my husband, catch up on social media, drink coffee, pet the cats, and then I open up my laptop to write a blog post like this one. And only after that do I go shower up and get ready for work.

I could spend my mornings worried about getting to work earlier or getting more done or all of the stuff I have to do later. I could skip my workouts and inhale breakfast, stop writing, and generally speed through my morning in order to be a better worker, stepmom, wife, friend, daughter, coach, whatever.

But the sun will set later today, whether I fret about everything that I should do later or if I spend time noticing where I’m at right now. So regardless of what tomorrow brings or what the future holds or what goals I may have, I covet my mornings. I luxuriate in them. I do my best to just be in this moment whether that is savoring the first sip of coffee or taking a moment to pause and say good morning to each cat (we have 3) individually.

What if this really is it?

Today, this moment, this space between waking up and doing the things that need to be done. What if this is where life happens?

What I know for sure is that I am a bad facsimile of me when I rush through my morning. This is my time. And this is my life. Why not take the time to enjoy it?

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  1. One summer, Thich Nhat Hanh came to Vancouver to lead a long retreat at the University of British Columbia. The Department of Asian Studies exhibited his calligraphy and I saw the quote: THIS IS IT and it struck hard and made a deep impression. Those 3 words. I’ll post it on my site for you. As always, you write thoughtful articles.

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