Introvert + HSP

Are you Quiet? Chances are you are an introvert or highly sensitive person (HSP) or both. I’ve put together a collection of posts and resources that can help you determine if you are an introvert or HSP and topics of interest for those of us “quiet types”.

7164242424_dcde8082c6_zAre you an HSP? – Highly sensitive. Easily stimulated. All the feels. This post explores what it’s like to be an HSP and offers ways to determine if that’s you.

SuperLĂ©o (boy of steel) by AP Photographie ?, on FlickrInvisibility is not your superpower. – We all have superpowers. Yes, even introverts and HSPs. But invisibility is not it (no matter how much you might wish it were).

5342915380_01b3e77e18_zRiding the wave – Lessons from surfing about approaching overwhelming circumstances in life.

honor the introvert-2The dilemma – the dilemma facing quiet leaders is often how they can maintain their energy while putting their message into the world. This post explores this dilemma and how to solve it.

IMG_0194Why self-care and rest are so important. – Self-care is important for everyone, but for introverts, HSPs, and quiet leaders it is paramount. This post and video make the case for why they are so.very.important.

Untitled design-17More than words. – a short post and video that explore the idea of inner presence (that intangible charisma that some people have that has nothing to do with how much or how loudly they speak).

5100Wn6BLIL._SX500_Confession: I’m shy. – An exploration of introversion, as well as “shy” vs “quiet” and how that word “shy” influenced and labeled so much of my life. Also: Square Pegs references, and fun stuff like that.

stop waiting. change the world.Dear Introvert, it’s time. – Calling all quiet leaders.