More than words.

I was having coffee recently with a group of introverted leaders. The group was eclectic, and yet we shared a common experience: the insecurity and struggle of having our voice heard, especially in work or pressure situations.
One of the men in the group mentioned his martial arts instructors, saying they were both introverts but they both had very powerful presence. Do you know someone like that? They don’t have to say a lot, but you feel their strength. This inner presence is something that, as an introvert and leader, fascinates me. And today I want to share some of what I’ve discovered about it.

I made you a short video. I decided it was more important what I said than how I looked so I’m wearing my 40-year-olds-need-glasses glasses, and I’m not even wearing makeup. But don’t let that scare you off. Watch it below:

Are people just born with inner presence? Can anyone cultivate it?

The short answers are yes and yes. Everyone is born with it. Babies have it. You have it. The question is: how do you unlock it?

If you’d like to explore how to unlock your own inner presence, join me for a free webinar on Tuesday, September 23 and be sure to sign up for my newsletter while you’re at it (It’s called The Inside Story because it’s where I go deeper into topics just like this one). And check out the next running of Cultivating Inner Presence.

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  1. Sounds like a great conversation was had at the meetup! Looking forward to making it to one soon. I’m very intrigued by this idea of inner presence. I won’t be able to make the webinar live, but I signed up in case there will be a recording I can watch later :)

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