All in and unattached

2015-03-31 08.08.57-2Is it possible to be totally committed to something and yet not attached to the outcome?

Being all in to me means bringing all of my best stuff and really wanting to create something amazing. Building relationships and being part of the team. And generally not holding back.

Sometimes being all in can turn into a deep sense of attachment.

I put in so much, it has to work out.
Not just work out.. it has to work this way.

As a coach, you learn to fully commit to your client without getting wrapped up in the outcome. Or at least you do your best. And remaining unattached is in your best interest as a coach because people do what people do, and often that is not the thing you think they should do (and there is still great learning for everyone. Crazy, I know).

But can we learn to be in that same less-attached place in our own lives and for our own sake?

Can we love someone completely and not be attached to whether they love us back?
Can we share our best ideas and not be attached to someone using them?
Can we teach our children how to do their laundry and not be attached to them doing laundry on our schedule?

I like to think we can. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, and sometimes easy is overrated.