I’m a slacker.

But that’s okay because you’re a slacker too.

I didn’t really just call you a slacker, did I? Yes, actually I did.

And here is why: you have things that you say you want to do, but you are not doing them. For reasons both known and unknown, you keep putting it off or finding other things that need to be done first or “forgetting” about it for months at a time.

How do I know this? Because you are human. And so am I…

  • I want to be a better blogger, but somehow I haven’t written a blog post since September 27th. (umm… hello? It’s December 9th. What the heck?)
  • I wanted to run a half marathon in December (a goal I set back in September), but I haven’t trained much at all.
  • I want to write a book, and even committed to writing a book proposal by the end of the year, but I somehow keep “forgetting” about it. (And again: it’s December 9th. Dude, what the heck?)

(there are way more things I want to do that I have not been doing, but I think you get the point.)

So, slacker, what do we do now?

It’s really simple (though not always easy)…

  1. Look at your list again and cross off the things that aren’t really that important (right now).
  2. Make time for what’s left.

As for me,
I am regrouping and making time to write on my blog.
I won’t be running a half marathon in December. I may pick one in the spring to train for though.
I probably won’t make my end of year deadline with a full book proposal, but I am making time to get started.

What are you re-committing to?

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