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This is part of my Spring Cleaning series that runs on Wednesdays through the end of Spring. In this series, we’ll explore the things that clutter our lives (especially, mental and emotional clutter) and how to let it go.

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Last week I categorized types of mental clutter, and I was planning to step through each of the categories I laid out last week, one by one, with tips on overcoming each type. And I may still do that next week.

But I realized something.

I realized that the categories don’t matter so much. That labeling what kind of clutter it is isn’t important.

What’s important is knowing what is and what is not clutter so that you know what to do with each.

What is clutter?

I’m going to go out on a limb here (a very stable and sturdy limb, that is) and say that all of the stuff that gets in your way (and my way) is clutter.

Whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or imaginary. If it comes between you and what you want, it’s clutter.

We all want something.

Anything and everything from fitting into that pair of jeans to 15 minutes all to yourself to a six-figure business to a tidy home to a new romance to a happy baby to more money to more time with friends to… you get the idea.

What gets between You and What You Want?

  • a messy desk?
  • a sink full of dishes?
  • a neverending list of ToDos?
  • an un-vacuumed carpet?
  • an overflowing calendar?
  • the stuff you should do?
  • TV shows that you can’t resist?
  • a chocolate habit that won’t quit?

Whatever it is, that’s your clutter.

But mental clutter is different from physical clutter, right?


And no.

Have you ever taken the time to clear one space of clutter (a desk, closet, drawer, your purse or wallet… anything really)?

I’ll bet when you were done, your mind was clearer. The room felt more spacious. Maybe you could breathe more easily.

That’s because physical clutter represents mental clutter. So when you take the time to clear the physical stuff, you get a mental lift as well. (And there’s even science behind this.)

So if you’re looking to clear some mental clutter, start with the physical stuff. And breathe a little easier.

Creating space for more

I truly believe that we have to clear space in our lives (physically, emotionally, mentally) in order to receive more of the good stuff we want.

For example, I have a small file holder thingie where I keep my clients’ information and notes. It’s got handles so it’s portable, a pretty linen exterior, and a bright green interior that makes me happy.

And last year while I was working on my coaching certification, I was getting stressed out about not having enough clients to get the hours I needed in time for my oral exam.

One day, I was looking at my file holder and noticed that I had crammed into it some papers from writing classes I had taken as well as other random non-client-related stuff.

There was no room for new client files.

So I cleared out the clutter. I found new homes for the important stuff and set the rest free to be recycled. This created enough space that I was inspired to go buy more of the pretty floral file folders I like.

Creating space and buying new folders felt like an invitation.

The following week I got 2 new clients.

Whether you’re into law of attraction or not, I believe that by moving and clearing that stuff out of my client file, I created the room not only in the file holder but in my brain and my heart to let in something more.

What do you want to make more space for in your life?

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  1. Ahh Patricia – I love this and unfortunately can relate to it all to well – I’m running off now to clear my desk – thanks for the kick!!

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