Love: a conversation with Lisa Galinski of Wild Heart Living



How is this week treating you? It’s treating me mighty fine, but then it doesn’t hurt for it to be B-day + V-day week. Color me spoiled.

Still, we have work to do around here. So quit your loafin’!

That was totally directed at me, not you, by the way.

ANYWAY, moving on. I am completely fascinated with the word, concept, & feeling of LOVE. You might even say I’m in love with love (har har). And so…

Today I’m bringing you a conversational interview that I had with Lisa Galinski whose on a mission to spread love in the world.

It was a fascinating to watch things unfold the deeper we got into the topic of love. Be sure to check it out!

Here is the highlight version of our conversation

Some of my big take aways from the conversation is:

  1. Love is a way of experiencing the world.Tweet this, y’all
  2. Love is a choice. So choose it.
  3. Love is what we all want to feel.
  4. Love is totally spreadable. So let’s spread it!

If you’d like to watch the entire conversation (about 18 minutes), I’ve included that below as well.

About Lisa

Lisa Galinski is a coach and a wild heart catalyst. She coaches passionate humans who want to do work that matters to Lead from Their Hearts and use their talents to create a better world. You can reach her at or visit her blog at, where there is a new {Experiment in Love} every day for the month of February!

Here’s the full conversation…