happy birthday to me & a gift for you


Dan & I kicked off our birthday week (his is on Valentine’s Day) on Saturday with a fabulous dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and Bill Cosby Live (such an amazing & funny man! He’s still got it at 75).

I’m not going to tell you how old I am today because I don’t want to think about numbers on my birthday (though if you go to my charity:water page, you’ll see the real number), but let’s just say I’m old enough to remember some stuff (like this and this).

Oh and…

Anyway… so I have a birthday present FOR YOU

Yep. I’m giving you a gift on my birthday. Aren’t I awesome?

Remember all that stuff I said about gremlins? (You can watch it here if you need a refresher). Well, I’ve created a FREE mini-course that will help you housebreak your gremlin.


It is quick, easy, and fun. All delivered to your inbox in bite-sized pieces over 5 days.

I put some really good stuff in there to get your from “maybe-I-dunno” to saying “Oh yeah!” (like Koolaid Man). I hope you like it. Did I mention it’s FREE?

Ready? Sign up Now

Updated [September 3, 2013] — I’m no longer offering this free mini course, but I do have a downloadable e-book that helps you take your Dream and put it into Action. You can get it for free just click here to sign up!