3 Building Blocks of Confidence


As I mentioned last week, this month I’m focusing on confidence.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it and what I could share about what I’ve learned from growing out of my shell and stepping out as an entrepreneur. And I realized that there are few places to start looking when you feel like you don’t have enough confidence.

If you’re wanting to find a starting place to build more confidence, I made this video for you.

There are more than 3 things that go into building confidence, but I believe that starting with these 3 things will give you a good head start.

After you’ve had a chance to watch this week’s video, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

– Do you struggle with confidence? And if so, what have you found that helps you find a little when you need it?

– And if you haven’t found your confidence booster, let me know any specific actions you plan to take based on today’s video.

– I’d also love to hear any other reactions you have to this video in the comments.

6 Replies to “3 Building Blocks of Confidence”

    1. Thanks Tina :) I’ve decided to keep going as long as it’s FUN (and in spite of it feeling scary).

  1. Thank you for reminding me that I do something scary or “courageous” almost every day. It’s the way to grow a business and yourself. You’ve inspired me to do more.

    1. Awesome Christine! And yes to courageous/scary stuff every day (or most days anyway). Isn’t it interesting how much business growth and personal growth parallel each other?

  2. Thanks for the reminder that I need to do things that I am afraid of. I’m gonna work on that :)

    1. I think when we used to rock climb regularly it was a given that we’d do something that scared us or pushed our limits. These days I guess we have to work a little harder to do the scary things. That’s how it feels for me anyway.

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