The stuff dreams are made of.

2015-05-02 08.37.59

Follow your bliss.
Do what you love.
Chase your dreams.

At some point or another, we all hear (or say) something like this. Do what feels good. What does your heart want? …

But that isn’t enough.

It’s not enough to follow your bliss. It’s not enough to do what feels good.
It’s not enough to do what you love.

Knowing what your dream is or what brings you bliss or what your heart wants… is only the beginning.

Start with your heart’s desire but then do the work.

To really make a dream come true takes persistence, commitment, tough choices, support, self-care, and time. It takes some amount of doing it anyway even when “what feels good” is binge-watching another season of Grimm.

So, YES, imagine what’s possible in your life and listen to what your heart desires. And then get to work.

The dirty little secret that we all want to ignore is that what we’re really chasing is fulfillment (not bliss), and that real fulfillment comes from the work it takes to build your dream – not so much from achieving your dream.

Take the time to enjoy the process (even the detours).

At the end of the day, achievement is temporary. We reach a goal, we actualize a dream, and then what? We celebrate and do a little dance and then? We move on to the next thing.