snowboarding lessons


Last week was the kids’ winter break, so Dan and I took them to Lake Tahoe for some fun in the snow. We were joined by a couple of friends and their two boys. There was ALOT of boy energy in our rental cabin. And it was a blast.

It was also my first day back snowboarding after taking off about 3 winters. First I have to say thank God for muscle memory. And second…

I am my own worst enemy.

I was so afraid of getting hurt. I was nervous on the ski lift, worried that I’d fall getting off of the lift, and hesitant to make turns from my heel edge to toe edge.

My body was doing it, but my head was still plagued with anxiety. Which made me feel shaky.

I told myself to breathe and to lean into the turn. But for most of the first few runs down the mountain, I was completely in my head. And the longer I waited to turn, the scarier it felt.

Then I took a breathe and made a turn.

I breathed through the scared and just leaned in. After doing this a couple of times, the anxiety left, I got out of my head, and I started to have fun.

Isn’t that a great metaphor for life?

Those moments when you are scared, worried, hesitant, stuck in your head… those are the moments when you stop your forward progress, stop having fun, or you get hurt. Because when you are racing down the mountain, it’s safer (& ultimately more fun) to relax and lean into the turns.

When you hesitate, you get stuck in awkward spots. When you worry about falling, you are more likely to catch an edge and take a tumble.

Or you wear yourself out doing the “safe” thing (like riding my heel edge all the way down the mountain… in my head it seemed safer, but in reality it made my legs tired way faster than turning would have — this is just like in a car riding your brakes down a mountain which can wear your brakes out and be dangerous).

My lessons from snowboarding:

  1. Stop fighting forward progress in the name of ‘safety’.
  2. Get out of your head & trust your body.
  3. Relax, breathe, and have fun!

Where in your life are you wearing yourself out doing the “safe” thing?

the c word

On Monday, I said that a dream is just a nice idea until you commit & take action. And that got me thinking more about the c word: commitment.

Let’s talk about Commitment for a minute.

After many false starts (on this blog, on my exercise routine, on diets, on… well, lots of stuff), I’ve realized that commitment is active.

It’s not a one time thing. When you stand next to your honey and say “I do”, your commitment does not end there. You wake up every day and commit to your marriage, whether you realize it consciously or not.

When you commit to losing weight, you have to make a choice and commit at every meal and whenever a workout time comes up.

And when you commit to your dream, to your remarkable life, to YOU, you have to do it every day.

But Patricia… that sounds like work.

Well… Yes and No.

On the one hand, it may take effort at first to stay the course, to recommit over and over, to really OWN IT.

On the other hand, when your effort is directed toward the thing that lights you up from within (aka your dream/passion/purpose/values/resonant hobby), it rarely feels like work.

Effort, yes. Work, no.

The effort might even feel really hard sometimes, like for me today, my gremlins woke up shouting at me. And it took real effort to recommit myself to keep moving forward, making my dream happen (a big part of which is writing this blog & connecting with you).

But now that I’m doing it, it does NOT feel like work. In fact, I feel content & full (not drained and empty like after a long day of work).

What lights you up from within?

what time is it?


It’s Time!

There’s a cheer I remember from way back when I was a cheerleader (9th & 10th grade) that I think applies very well to my life right now. And your life too.

It went something like this:
(to the beat of stomp-clap, stomp-stomp-clap ;)

What time is it? … It’s time.
What time is it? … It’s time.
It’s time to go.
It’s time to fight.
It’s time to win this thing tonight.

Deep, right?

What’s the thing you “want to do” but never get around to it?

You know, that dream thing? That thing that you think would make you happy/healthy/fulfilled?

For me, it’s making the switch on this blog from chocolate, cupcakes, and food porn (not that there’s anything wrong with any of that, it’s just not where I’m at now) to life, inspiration, motivation, coaching, and living remarkably.

(I’ve also got dreams of writing a book and being interviewed by Oprah, but first things first).

So… dreams are awesome. I LOVE dreams & dreamers. Dreams are the best thing since popcorn with M&Ms.

But a dream is only a dream until you’re willing to grab it, put it in your pocket, and start running with it. That is to say…

A dream is just a nice idea until you commit & take action.tweet this.

So… What time is it? IT’S TIME!

Time to commit to your remarkable life… to YOU… to your dreams… to making it happen.

What are you ready to commit to?

Love: a conversation with Lisa Galinski of Wild Heart Living



How is this week treating you? It’s treating me mighty fine, but then it doesn’t hurt for it to be B-day + V-day week. Color me spoiled.

Still, we have work to do around here. So quit your loafin’!

That was totally directed at me, not you, by the way.

ANYWAY, moving on. I am completely fascinated with the word, concept, & feeling of LOVE. You might even say I’m in love with love (har har). And so…

Today I’m bringing you a conversational interview that I had with Lisa Galinski whose on a mission to spread love in the world.

It was a fascinating to watch things unfold the deeper we got into the topic of love. Be sure to check it out!

Here is the highlight version of our conversation

Some of my big take aways from the conversation is:

  1. Love is a way of experiencing the world.Tweet this, y’all
  2. Love is a choice. So choose it.
  3. Love is what we all want to feel.
  4. Love is totally spreadable. So let’s spread it!

If you’d like to watch the entire conversation (about 18 minutes), I’ve included that below as well.

About Lisa

Lisa Galinski is a coach and a wild heart catalyst. She coaches passionate humans who want to do work that matters to Lead from Their Hearts and use their talents to create a better world. You can reach her at or visit her blog at, where there is a new {Experiment in Love} every day for the month of February!

Here’s the full conversation…

happy birthday to me & a gift for you


Dan & I kicked off our birthday week (his is on Valentine’s Day) on Saturday with a fabulous dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and Bill Cosby Live (such an amazing & funny man! He’s still got it at 75).

I’m not going to tell you how old I am today because I don’t want to think about numbers on my birthday (though if you go to my charity:water page, you’ll see the real number), but let’s just say I’m old enough to remember some stuff (like this and this).

Oh and…

Anyway… so I have a birthday present FOR YOU

Yep. I’m giving you a gift on my birthday. Aren’t I awesome?

Remember all that stuff I said about gremlins? (You can watch it here if you need a refresher). Well, I’ve created a FREE mini-course that will help you housebreak your gremlin.


It is quick, easy, and fun. All delivered to your inbox in bite-sized pieces over 5 days.

I put some really good stuff in there to get your from “maybe-I-dunno” to saying “Oh yeah!” (like Koolaid Man). I hope you like it. Did I mention it’s FREE?

Ready? Sign up Now

Updated [September 3, 2013] — I’m no longer offering this free mini course, but I do have a downloadable e-book that helps you take your Dream and put it into Action. You can get it for free just click here to sign up!

conversations about love

Welcome to February. Last month I chose the word courage as my theme and intention, and with courage I learned some things from Sandy (as in Grease), posted my first video, and found my own remedy for a vulnerability hangover.

So now we’re already into the month of February and my new word is: love. I know, kind of obvious for February, right? Yes, and there’s some real juicy stuff when you look deeper into love.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ~ Lao Tzu

And in the spirit of L-O-V-E, I’ll be bringing you a few conversations with a few people I know who are bringing more love into the world. The first one is with Carly Butler of Life’s Letter and you can read our conversation below.

Also in the spirit of L-O-V-E, I’ve pledged my birthday (which is this month) to charity:water to bring clean water to people who don’t have it. If you want to help me reach my goal of $1000 (please please), Go Here >>
Note: You’ll find buttons for crazy numbers like $39 and $390 (cause they think I’m turning 39 or something, as if… well, ok. I am. shh, don’t tell)… but you can donate like $5 or whatever, just click the “another amount” button).

And now without further ado, here is my Q&A with Courageous Carly…

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sometimes it takes courage to stay the course


Have you heard of a “vulnerability hangover”? I first heard the phrase from Brené Brown (whose books, by the way, are AWESOME & don’t even get me started on her Ted talk. Love.). Then this week I got a newsletter from Jennifer Lee (of The Right Brain Business Plan) in which she fessed up to having one recently.

What is a vulnerability hangover? A vulnerability hangover is that “what was I thinking” kind of feeling that happens after you put yourself out there in a real (genuine) way… aka when you expose yourself.

Like when you find the courage to push past your gremlins and do that thing that scares-but-excites you, you’re left with your guard down and your gremlins come back with a vengeance to point out all the little things that could’ve been better, that you did completely wrong, and that you shouldn’t have said in the first place.

Yeah, that.

Today I realized that’s what I’ve been feeling since I posted my video last week. And that’s why I’ve had such a hard time writing since that post.

But you know what? I’m still here. I had some nice comments about my video. And my mission is still the same as it was before I posted that video: to create space for people (you & me) to live our possibilities in life (by making gremlins back off & other more fun stuff).

And to do that, I’m going to have to do more things that scare me which often includes staying the course.

Ordinary courage is about putting our vulnerability on the line. In today’s world, that’s pretty extraordinary. ~ Brené Brown in The Gifts of Imperfection

One thing I noticed during that vulnerability hangover is that I kept looking for an “easy” topic to write about. As in something that’s less real for me at the moment… something I can talk about but not really connect to directly. (does that make sense?)

In other words, something that doesn’t require me to be vulnerable.

But you know what? To live fully, to love completely, to really connect to people, to make dreams come true… it all requires being vulnerable in some way. Being vulnerable takes courage.

Courage is like a multivitamin. You need a dose everyday. ← Tweet this, y’all!

Turns out my remedy for a vulnerability hangover is a little bit of the hair of the dog… so here I am putting myself out there again.

What’s your vulnerability hangover remedy?

what I learned about courage from sandy


Remember in Grease how Sandy is at the beginning of the movie? She is the quintessential good girl. She’s a nice girl. She doesn’t quite get it when people are sarcastic or being mean. How could she? She’s nice to everyone and expects that everyone else would be nice too.

Growing up in the South and having an Asian mom, I got a double lesson in nice. I was so nice, it could’ve been my middle name. So I really related to Sandy and loved Grease when I was a kid. In my mind, I was a half-Korean Sandy Olsson.

As a kid (and teenager), I learned that “being nice” and being a “good girl” were the easy way to keep the status quo, please other people, and, in a lot of ways, to hide. But like Sandy, I wasn’t fooling anyone.
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