Overcome Fear

Whether you identify the Gremlins that represent (and nurture) your fears, or you just face them directly, fear is one of those things that manifests in all of us. And it’s the only thing that is standing between us and our dreams, our success, and our happiness. So I’ve put together a collection of posts and resources to help you overcome fear.

little-miss-perfectWhat I learned from trying to be Little Miss Perfect – Oh, perfection. You unobtainable slave-driver, you. Do you still try to keep perfect time to the beat of Little Miss Perfect’s drum? This is a common and innocuous gremlin.

innermeangirls4 Things to remember when your Inner Mean Girl starts bullying you – She’s a real pain in the arse, this gremlin. She’s the one who tells you how terrible you look and looks down her nose at you. A little bullying from this gremlin can leave you reaching for your elastic waistband faster than just about any other. Don’t let her win.

IMG_0231 (id)Anger sucks. Don’t bottle it up. – For those of us who spend great amounts of energy and time squashing our emotions because we are supposed to be nice.

156969_10151850466566712_1771763375_n3 things I learned about life from a flying trapeze lesson – So this one time, I jumped off of a little platform and swung on a trapeze. It was awesome. And scary. And I learned SO MUCH about overcoming fear from this experience.

your insidesDon’t compare your insides to other people’s outsides – One of the easiest ways to break your confidence and feel lousy is to compare yourself to others. And most often, when we do compare ourselves to others, we are not comparing apples to apples.

3364835006_398b838d59_zConfession: I don’t know what I’m doing. – an openly transparent look at one of my own gremlins… and how I keep going. (Hint: when the gremlins win, we lose).

4651861579_c6f8540f12_zHow to let go even when it feels like you can’t – Forgiveness. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive and let go because we’re afraid of something we might lose in the process, but holding onto these things only hurts us. Is it time to let go?

nonewmailDo you have FOMO? – Okay, I’ll be honest here. I wrote this a couple of years ago during a time when I thought getting to Inbox Zero was something important to me. Turns out, as cool as it feels to get there, I have things I’d rather do with that time. Nonetheless, the point about FOMO is still relevant.

Untitled design-17Don’t feed your Gremlin after midnight & other warnings – This. My very first video. A little bit goofy (which is just who I am) but the points about your Gremlins is still valid.