Build Confidence

Everyone seems to want more of it. All of my clients at some point say they wish they had more confidence. And I know I’ve felt that way too. So I’ve put together a collection of posts and resources to help you understand what confidence is and how to build more of it. Enjoy.

8415022876_77cf3e21c9_zReframing Confidence – How giving yourself a little bit of credit can go a long way toward building confidence.

stressandconfidenceWhat does stress have to do with confidence? – a look at what happens inside our body chemistry when we’re stressed and how that affects your confidence.

instant-confidence3 mental “hacks” that make confidence (almost) irrelevant – a few tips in shifting your focus that result in instant confidence… or at least less of a need to “build confidence”.

what-if-monster3 steps to overcome fear and build confidence – What if it’s hard? What if you’re scared? What if you’re not good enough? What if? What if?… Meet the What-if monster (and some steps to move past him).

3buildingblocksofconfidence23 building blocks of confidence – Down to the basics. What simple things can you do or change to feel better and ultimately more confident?

I wish I had more confidence...-2I wish I had more confidence – What does confidence mean to you? What does it look like? Feel like?

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. ~ Henry David ThoreauHow to build confidence – How to practice confidence. Little by little.