Out of body experience.

2012-04-06 10.15.42When I start something new (new job, new project, new relationship, new hobby, whatever), I tend to get I-can’t-sleep-excited. This kind of excitement is fun and intoxicating so I freely give myself over to it.

But there comes a time when the excitement has turned to adrenaline fumes. Sleep is still disrupted but the high isn’t so high. Nothing bad has happened, it’s more that I’ve forgotten to breathe. I’m no longer “in” my body”.

This out of body experience is like the difference between smiling and nodding your way through a conversation and actively listening to someone. In the former, you catch just bits and pieces, but are busy thinking about other things or what you are going to say next. In the latter, you are really “there”. Present. And with the other person.

So whether you are running on excitement or overwhelm, joy or fear, love or hate,… remember to breathe. Feel your feet on the ground. And come back into your body. Because that’s where life really happens.