Limits create freedom.

2014-11-09 07.46.36Sometimes the only way to create more possibility is by saying No to something. Instead of trying to do everything or keeping your options open or wearing all of the hats by yourself, trust yourself enough to say No.

For example, for several months I was half in my own business and half wondering what else I might do instead. But that created a whole bunch of stagnation and murkiness. It wasn’t until I consciously decided to search for a job and put my business on the back burner (in essence saying no to most of what I had been pouring my energy into) that everything expanded.

Saying No to what isn’t fun, opens the door for more fun.
Saying No to all of those Maybes, opens the door to a much bigger Yes.
Saying No creates clarity and freedom.

It doesn’t mean that the thing you say No to will necessarily be cut from your life forever and ever, but when you consciously choose where not to put your energy, all of a sudden you have a lot more energy to put toward that 1 thing that is most important right now.

This allows that 1 thing to thrive (or fail) a whole lot faster. And that in turn (regardless of success or failure), moves you forward. And without movement, we are not living.

All of those little Maybes we hold onto because we might want it later or it might be important rob us of time, energy, focus, and aliveness. It’s like trying to carry water in a bucket full of holes. But when we say No clearly and consciously, we plug those holes and get the water up the hill.

And just because we say No to something today doesn’t mean it is forever No. The limit, the choice, the No, is a way to create freedom for something more right now.

What would be possible if you focused all of your time, energy, aliveness, and focus on one Yes today?