It’s all an experiment.

Photo Credit: Clement127 via Flickr
Photo Credit: Clement127 via Flickr
I’ve read several online marketing experts who say to do lots of little experiments to see what actually works for your business (start with the best practices and advice but then experiment because what works for business A won’t always work for business B).

Then sometime last year I realized that this same principle applies to life. And everything has been different for me since then.

When you approach life as a series of experiments, it expands the scope of what’s possible.

Experimenting keeps you in the learning process (which is the most fun place to be, right?). You can start with a standard or best practice or classic advice, and notice what works and what doesn’t. And then adjust. Shift. Try the opposite. But the whole time, noticing what is and is not working.

There is no one-size-fits-all life. So why not experiment to find the one that fits you best?