Why “Let It Go” really won best song at the Oscars.


You know, Disney has had a lot of really successful animated films through the years. But there is something very special about last year’s Frozen.

First, there is the slightly awkward, endearingly quirky, and spunky Anna who is a new kind of Disney Princess. Then there’s Olaf… Olaf is just awesome. Handsome heroes, great music, and twists in the storyline – check. The Disney magic – check. But there’s something else.

Queen Elsa.

Elsa is why I believe this movie — and especially the song “Let it go” — are everywhere right now. Everywhere.

Elsa represents that good girl in all of us who just really, really wants to let it all go. All of the rules. All of the feelings we’re hiding. And the fears of being “found out” (you know, like somehow if the real you showed through, everyone would see you aren’t really as wonderful as they thought).

She represents the good girl who fears letting her real feelings show, because once she lets a little out, what if she can’t control it?


To the good girls all around the world (and let’s face it, there are a lot of us in the world because that’s what most girls are taught to be – nice, sweet, compliant, accommodating, pleasant, rule-followers, and always concerned for how others feel), “Let it go” is a battle cry… or at least a mostly acceptable way to release some of her bottled up fears, resentment, and other unspoken feelings.

Now, instead of raging alone in the safe bubble of her car during rush hour, she can turn on “Let it go” and belt out her frustrations along with Idina Menzel (or Demi Lovato).

And it’s a song of hope.

Hope that someday, somehow, you’ll get to let it go too. Hope that you can drop the mask and let yourself out (the real you that almost no one gets to see… as scary as that sounds, you want it so very much). And hope that, after the storm, you’ll be accepted for who you are and be loved.

That’s all anybody really wants: to be accepted for who we really are — and to be loved.

And that is why I think Frozen & Let It Go are such ginormous hits.

Your turn…

Write down the top 3 things you want to let go of (you know, the stuff you feel most when you’re belting out “Let It Go” in your car). And then (as an added challenge), share your top 1 in the comments below along with what keeps you from letting it go.

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  1. Absolutely love this post. I loved the movie too, and you’re so right–I think the world is full of people fed up with keeping “it” all bottled up.

    Thanks for drawing the connection!

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