I have a dream.

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A dream, 50 years later

Today is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s world-changing “I have a dream speech.” And I wanted to take a small moment to remind us that he was one man with a dream… look what one man was able to do with his dream… the impact one man created on all of us.

It’s truly amazing.

And it all started with a dream. The speech came later. But Dr. King was driven by something bigger. As a pastor he was driven by a God. But as a man, he was driven by the dream in his heart. He didn’t have to speak outside of his own church, but he chose to. He didn’t have to think beyond his own family or his own lifetime, but his heart called him to look further.

Dreams are important.

It can be easy to start downplaying dreams. Seeing them as fluff or insignificant. Dreams aren’t real. They’re the things we think about when work sucks or the kids are out of control. They’re the things we put off until someday because right now there’s real work that needs to be done.

But what if, Dr. King had put off his dream until someday? What would be different in our world today?

Whatever your dream is, it is important. Your dream may be to impact a nation like Dr. King did. Or it may be to impact “only” your children.

But then someday your children will grow up to follow their own dreams because of the example you set, and they will have an impact on others… who will follow their dreams and have an impact on others… until one day, your dream will have impacted our very culture and, quite possibly, our world.

That’s my dream: that everyone will realize the importance of their dreams and start doing something about it. Because that’s what will lead us to world peace.

Does that sound crazy? Maybe.

But I really believe that if everyone would spend a little more time dreaming and a little less time arguing about everything, our world would be a better place. Because at the heart of most dreams is peace, love, compassion, and a desire to live in a happy world.

Dreams are the seeds of change in the world. (Click here to tweet that)

Let’s nurture those seeds of change.

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Whether your dream includes changing the face of history like Dr. King’s dream did, time will tell. But for the moment, your dream only requires a small step. And then another small step. And then another. As Lao Tzu said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

What step will you take today?

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