a manifesto

This post is part of my Joy Experiment series which is published every Monday-ish, and is a place to explore Joy (what it is, how to create it, why it’s important, etc).

Starting a movement

A few weeks ago, I quietly started a movement. (Check out the movement on Instagram and Twitter & share your own #tinymomentsofjoy.)

And I started thinking, if this is really going to be a movement, I need a manifesto. I took inspiration from the “It’s a Joy Full Life Manifesto” from Kelly Rae Roberts, and Daring Greatly Leadership & Wholehearted Parenting Manifestos from Brené Brown. At least in that I loved the feelings that are expressed in those manifestos.

And so with great love and honesty, I’ve created a Tiny Moments of Joy Manifesto.


Tell me what you think.

What would be in your manifesto?