spring cleaning

spring cleaning

Life gets cluttered with stuff.

Stuff accumulates.

Then before we know it, we can’t find our life under all of the stuff.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. You and I both know that everyone is not a hoarder, after all.


Do you collect books to read someday but then never get around to most of them… like ever? (I do. In fact, I have a few from high school that I still plan to read someday.)

Is your inbox full of (hundreds of?) emails that you don’t need, want, or care to read? (Mine was until a couple months ago. I’ll tell you all about how I got to zero next week.)

Do you save plastic grocery bags to reuse someday but the pile has grown into a new life form? (Yes, I know this one well. I call mine Plassy.)

There’s gotta be a better way!

We both know that there is a better way. Right?

So, this Spring (now through May) join me for a little Spring Cleaning every Wednesday.

I’ll be tackling my own stuff AND sharing tips on how you can clear out some of your stuff.

The goal of this Spring Cleaning

The goal here is to make space for real life, which includes but is not limited to:

  • family time
  • date nights
  • girls’ night out
  • reading a really good book
  • creating that masterpiece you never find the time for
  • and a luxurious amount of ME-time

I hope you’ll join me in the effort to clear out the “stuff” stuff that clutters up our lives & so that we can get back to the good stuff!

What stuff is cluttering up your life?